Getting to the Meat of Your Medical Records Doesn’t Have to Be a Chore

by | Mar 17, 2021 | Medical And Health

People are living longer and longer. If you are a general practitioner, there’s a good chance you will see many of your patients from the time they are in their 20’s until the end of their lives. That is a massive medical record for each person and one which often ends up backlogged in the Cloud or in some other storage method out of site. You should not have to sift through decades of patient information to find something in particular. Thankfully, special services and software provided by specific companies help you dig out exactly what you are looking for with little effort.

Chart Abstraction Service

Nobody has time to crawl through long EHR logs on patients to find needed abstractions. A chart abstraction service can do the work for you. You hire the service provider, sign a contract to protect patient confidentiality, and then let the company representative sort through the records to find the abstractions you want.

Abstraction Software

Cut way down on the amount of time you spend trying to get chart abstractions on your own. This SaaS, or “software as a solution”, the software helps you pull abstractions from multiple charts over as many timeframes as you want. All of your files have to transfer over to this software, but then you can even cross-reference patient files by diagnosis and symptoms or locations. Everyone in your office would have to learn how to use the software too, but it is worth it. For more information, contact MDAbstract at Sitename.

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