The Benefits of Seeing a Skilled Groin Pain Specialist in Fort Lee

by | Mar 16, 2021 | Healthcare

Discomfort anywhere in your abdomen or legs can be debilitating and difficult with which to live. However, when it is relegated to your pelvis or groin, you especially want to get relief from it fast. To find out what could be wrong and what it will take to relieve it, you can seek help from an experienced groin pain specialist.

Ruling Out Kidney Stones

When the discomfort travels from your back into your groin, you may have reason to suspect that you have kidney stones. Kidney stones can cause immense pain in this part of your body that will last until you pass them.

To find out if you have kidney stones, you can seek help from a doctor that treats this part of the human anatomy. He or she can perform an MRI to look closely at your pelvis, as well as organs like the ureter and kidneys. The doctor can tell you if you have kidney stones and if they will need to be removed surgically.

Ruling Out Cancer

If the pain is sharp and prolonged, you also may fear that you have some sort of cancer. Cancer can cause pain the radiates from the affected part into nearby areas and organs. Your doctor can rule out cancer by performing a thorough examination of this body area.

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