How Orthopedic Specialists in Salt Lake City, Utah Help Treat Back Pain

by | Feb 24, 2017 | Health

One of the most common complaints doctors hear from their patients is about back pain. Whether it is caused by an injury on the job, while playing a sport, or a deformity of the spine, you may need to have physical therapy to help reduce back pain or recover from surgery. Here are some of the ways physical therapists treat back pain.

Evaluating Back Pain

Before any treatments are started to help patients with their back pain, orthopedic specialists in Salt Lake City, Utah will do a complete evaluation to determine how to help your specific problem. Once your condition has been evaluated, a treatment plan will be customized for your needs, and discussed with you, so your road to recovery can begin. Some of the conditions they can treat include:

  •  Muscle strains and pulls
  •  Sciatica
  •  Pain in the back, neck or ribs
  •  Herniated discs
  •  Whiplash

Along with these conditions, they can also help with post-surgical rehabilitation.

Manual Therapies

How your back pain is treated will depend on its cause and severity. Manual therapies are often used to help people cope with their pain and to recover from surgery they may have needed to correct a problem with their spine. Manual therapies used by orthopedic specialists include:

  •  Joint or Soft Tissue Mobilization
  •  Massage Therapy
  •  Decompression
  •  Stabilizing the Spine
  •  Strengthen Back Muscles

Orthopedic specialists often use underwater or anti-gravity treadmills, or traction to keep pressure off your body during therapy to reduce pain while exercising. Traction can help stabilize the back after an injury or surgery to aid in your recovery. To learn more about treating and recovering from back pain, click here.

Along with helping you recover from an injury or surgery, back rehabilitation can help strengthen the muscles in your back, to stabilize the spine and prevent further injuries.

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