Preparing for a Prosthetic Hand in Columbus, OH

by | Feb 8, 2017 | Healthcare

The very first prosthetic ever discovered was found in Egypt and estimated to be approximately 3,000 years old. It was a big toe that was worn by a noblewoman to enable her to continue to wear her traditional sandals. Basic prosthetic limbs were available for centuries for people missing hands, arms and legs. Following the Civil War, a Confederate soldier advanced the industry by creating the first-ever hinged leg to replace the limb he had lost in the war. The company he founded is still creating innovative products today.

Finding an advanced Prosthetic Hand in Columbus OH is easier than ever before because of the work of thousands of years of inventors continuously creating something a little better than what come before them. Their hard work has made products more functional than what people even imagined in the days of the Egyptian woman and her missing toe.

A Prosthetic Hand in Columbus OH now makes it possible for people to do pretty much anything they want. Daily activities like tying shoes, styling hair or cooking a meal are possible. In addition, even the more challenging tasks are possible if the individual is willing to work to learn the skill. Playing musical instruments, climbing mountains and creating works of art is just a small list of what people have already accomplished. The process of receiving and becoming comfortable with a prosthetic limb requires patience.

  *    Fittings for a prosthetic cannot take place until all incisions have healed and the swelling is gone. This could take as little as a couple of weeks or could last a few months.

  *    The prosthetic is designed to fit the body and will require measurements and sometimes a mold of the remaining limb.

  *    A temporary prosthetic is sometimes given to aide the patient while the permanent model is made.

  *    The final model is usually completed within a year of surgery.

  *    Physical therapy, beyond the instruction provided by the prosthetic supplier, is needed to learn how to use the limb effectively.

Prosthetic limbs will last approximately 2-4 years in adults and less in growing children. The Capital Prosthetic & Orthotic Center Inc schedules regular appointments with their patients to review the fit to prevent any discomfort or loss of use. Regular maintenance is also given to keep the prosthetic in operation.

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