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How Rf Ablasion in OKC Works

More and more people are complaining about having chronic pain in their bodies. A lot of work is missed due to chronic back pain and other joint pain. As a result, employers are sending their employees to pain management specialists to educate them how to deal with their conditions. There are several techniques used to help those in pain feel better. One of these techniques is called RF ablation. Radio frequency ablation is a procedure that many in the pain management industry use to help sufferers get relief. A clinic that does Rf Ablasion OKC, Oklahoma offers the technique among other procedures. Here is how RF ablation works.

The first thing that will happen is that an IV will be started to give the patient sedation medicine, to put him or her in a relaxed mode. Then the patient is placed on a table, and the area is cleansed that where the ablation will take place. Then anesthesia is given to a small area. The doctor will then use fluoroscopy, in which a special needle is guided along the medial nerves. A tiny, electrical current is passed through this needle to check that the targeted nerve is away from the other nerves.

The Longevity Joint Spine Pain center in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma has been providing RF ablation for patients for many years. The doctor at the clinic uses spinal care and pain management techniques that are minimally invasive, and not requiring an operation. The RF ablation procedure takes about thirty minutes to perform, and no more than ninety minutes. The patient should not drive or participate in any strenuous activities the day of the procedure. If the chronic pain in your joints and other parts of your body are causing you no end of misery, you may want to go to the clinic that does Rf Ablasion OKC, Oklahoma.

At the center, the doctors there will assess you to make the most medically sound recommendation for your pain. Besides ablation, they could suggest epidural injections, facet joint blocks, diagnostic discography, and many other options.