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How to Get the Most Out of a Doctor’s Appointment

Whether a patient is sick or just heading in for a routine exam the appointment will go more smoothly if he or she is able to easily provide the Family Medical Clinic in Andover Kansas with some basic information. Below is a brief list that can help patients, or their parents and guardians, get the most out of every visit to the doctor.

Provide Accurate Information

In order to do their jobs, physicians and other medical professionals require a complete understanding of each patient’s medical history and current complaints. Typically a medical history is provided at the first visit, but any changes that have occurred since the last time the patient has seen his or her doctor should be made note of. This includes any hospitalizations or visits to specialists, unexpected changes in the patient’s condition, and any new medications prescribed.

Describe All Symptoms

If a patient is seeing the doctor for a well visit, this may not be relevant unless he or she has a chronic or on-going medical problem. However, sick patients should ensure that the doctor knows all of their symptoms prior to making a diagnosis. For young children the responsibility of keeping track of symptoms falls on the parents, but parents of older children should allow them to voice any concerns they may have as well. This helps their doctors to determine what kind of diagnostic tests to order and to quickly and accurately diagnose the problem so that a treatment plan can be established.

Follow Treatment Advice

It’s important to take any advice given by the doctor, including taking any medications exactly as prescribed. Failure to do so often results in less successful patient outcomes. A doctor’s priority is always the health of his or her patients, but only diagnosis and the establishment of treatment plans happens in the office. It’s up to the patients themselves to do the rest.

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