Montgomery County Offers Top-Notch Senior Day Care For Your Loved Ones

by | Feb 12, 2020 | Health

For care-providers, it can be hard to find a place that will satisfy the security and love that is required for a family member or loved one during the day. The challenge to find a place where meals and medications are monitored, activities are ability-appropriate, and social engagement is encouraged, can be overwhelming. There are such places available.

Caring Services

Our nursing staff is dedicated to making sure the seniors in our care are supervised, safe, and happy. Activities that allow seniors to create through art, music and other outlets are perfect for people suffering from memory loss and cognitive decline. Pet therapy gives seniors the chance to cuddle, stroke, and care for animals. It also gives people a sense of well-being and usefulness – which is often lacking for some older adults. Our senior daycare centers in Montgomery County utilize several therapies to help people combat isolation, loneliness, and the feelings of uselessness that often accompany memory decline.

In addition to activities and socialization, meals and snacks are provided. Eating with others encourages conversation, nourishing both the mind and body. Medication monitoring and administration also help our staff to stay on top of any changes that may occur physically or mentally.

Additional Services

In addition to essential services provided to the elderly, senior daycare centers in Montgomery County can also help clients procure podiatry treatments, occupational and physical therapy, and even hairdresser and shower services.

For caretakers, all of this means that while a loved one is secure and safe, the to-do list can be taken care of, careers can be managed, and much-needed rest is available.

Consider Main Line Adult Day Center to care for that precious family member or loved one.

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