Reasons For Drug Testing In Cincinnati, OH

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In Ohio, drug testing or screening determines if the individual has any alcohol or controlled substances in their bloodstream. The services are used by employers, sports teams, and the criminal court. The tests define whether the individual is in violation of law, breach of contract, or ineligible for employment. A local urgent care facility provides Drug Testing in Cincinnati OH and fast results.

Assessing Potential Employees

Drug testing is required for applicants who are seeking employment. A clinic provides fast drug screening services for local employers. The staff monitors the applicants and test the sample for controlled substances. The applicants are often notified of the upcoming test within a short amount of time.

Determining Compliance with Company Policies

After a worker sustains an injury on the job, the worker must participate in drug screening services. To acquire worker’s compensation coverage, the worker must verify that they followed all company policies. According to company safety policies, workers cannot use controlled substances and/or alcohol while on the job. If the worker tests positive for alcohol or drugs, they are disqualified for any coverage including medical payments.

Requirements for Probation or Parole

Individuals who receive probation or are paroled must follow strict provisions associated with the assignment. The individuals aren’t allowed to drink alcohol or use any controlled substances while on parole or probation. Any violation of the assignment leads to a new criminal charge, and he or she could go to jail or prison.

Testing Athletes for Controlled Substances

Athletes are drug tested to determine if they are taking steroids or controlled substances. The individual is removed from their sports team or competition due to the violation. The use of controlled substances could also lead to criminal charges. The term of the athlete’s contract defines the penalties for noncompliance with the controlled substance policies.

In Ohio, drug tests are conducted when an employer is evaluating potential employees. Worker’s compensation claims also require the tests to determine if injured workers are compliant with company policies. Athletes must also undergo screening for controlled substances. To schedule Drug Testing in Cincinnati OH, contact Eastside Urgent Care and book an appointment right now. You can also visit them on Google My Business.

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