Rosacea Skin Treatment In Lehigh Valley, PA

by | Jul 9, 2018 | Health

In Pennsylvania, patients seek medical services to manage and control rosacea. The complex skin condition is troublesome and could seriously hinder the patient’s self-confidence. In more severe cases, the patients develop large skin lesions. A local dermatologist provides skin treatment in Lehigh Valley PA for rosacea.

What is Rosacea?

Rosacea is a skin condition that is essentially an adult form of acne. The condition causes redness of the face and tiny pimples as well as vascular lines. Some patients experience rhinophyma, which leads to enlargement of the nose with redness. Red eyelids and swelling are also possible with the skin condition.

What are Common Triggers for the Condition?

Smoking, excessive heat, spicy foods, and the consumption of any alcohol can trigger rosacea and cause flair-ups. Patients who experience emotional stress can also experience a higher frequency of symptoms. Smoking also contributes to increased and prolonged symptoms.

What is Used to Treat Rosacea?

First, the doctor provides medications to control the patient’s symptoms. Brimonidine is used to reduce the redness caused by the condition. The drug constricts blood vessels. The effects aren’t visible for at least the first twelve hours and are temporary.
Oral antibiotics such as Doxycycline are provided to control pustules and bumps that form due to the condition. The medications lower the risk of infections related to the condition and control bacteria growth in the affected areas.

Isotretinoin products including Claravis are prescribed if the patient’s rosacea is more severe. The medication fights the lesions that form due to the condition. However, it isn’t recommended for women who are pregnant, as it has a history of generating birth defects.

Additional Steps for Patients

All patients with rosacea should use sunscreen any time they are outside. They are advised to avoid common triggers to control symptoms. Dermatologists provide recommendations for skin care products and makeup, too.

In Pennsylvania, patients with rosacea regain hope through a carefully devised treatment plan. A dermatologist understands the effects of the conditions and how to treat them more effectively. Patients who need to schedule a Skin Treatment in Lehigh Valley PA for rosacea can get more information now.

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