Take Your Path to Realizing Your True Identity as You Embrace Your Masculine Side

by | Mar 30, 2020 | Transgender Surgeons

Your birth certificate may have labeled you as a female, but your mind, heart, and soul have always told you another story. You have never been comfortable in a woman’s body. You believe you were meant to be a man. It’s taken you many years to have the courage to undergo the transformation. After many sessions of counseling to be sure this is the right path for you, you began testosterone therapy. However, this is only the beginning. Transgender surgery female to male will help you to complete the process.

What are the Benefits of Transgender Surgery?

Cosmetics, haircuts, clothes, and physical fitness can assist you in the process of becoming more masculine. The problem is none of those efforts will give you permanent results. Every time you get undressed, you still see a feminine body when you look in the mirror. Transgender surgery female to male can help you to complete your transition. You’ll be able to avoid gender dysphoria when your outer appearance fits the gender that you have related to all your life.

Your Journey will Include a Combination of Procedures

Transgender surgery female to male is a process. It will include a mastectomy to give you a flat chest that looks masculine. Liposuction is another possibility that can shape your body to remove those feminine curves. Gender confirmation surgery is another part of the process. Your journey won’t end with procedures that target the body. Your team of medical professionals will also focus on your facial features. Rhinoplasty, contouring procedures that target the jawline or the chin, and augmentation of your cheeks are potential surgeries that could benefit you. Seek guidance from medical experts who understand your needs before you begin the process. To learn more about transgender procedures, visit the International Center for Transgender Care at thetranscenter.com.

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