The Advantages of Installing Mobile Stair Lifts in Pittsburgh PA

by | May 10, 2018 | Healthcare

People may shy away from the idea of installing Mobile Stair Lifts in Pittsburgh PA, not wanting to admit they are having so much trouble climbing stairs to the bedroom. Perhaps once they see this home improvement feature on an episode of the newly revived TV show Roseanne, they won’t feel so embarrassed. Physical disorders that make maneuvering on staircases difficult are common, and it’s best to use equipment that keeps the person safe.

A Practical Option

Homeowners with a big enough house and plenty of money to spare might have an elevator installed, but this is impractical for a large majority of people. Instead, they choose Mobile Stair Lifts in Pittsburgh PA that allow someone to sit while the equipment travels along the side of the staircase.

Increasing the Home’s Appeal to Future Buyers

Stair lifts from a company such as McArdle Surgical increase the value of the home too, making the place appealing to a wider range of prospective buyers. Real estate shoppers who would not have considered a multistory house may change their minds once they learn about the stair lift.

A couple in their senior years may be shopping for a home. Even if they don’t have any physical issues, they don’t want to risk buying a two-story house while knowing the possibility one of them could develop arthritic knees, back trouble or a condition that affects balance. In addition, they may have friends or relatives who cannot easily climb stairs, and they appreciate the stair lift that has already been installed.

Of course, it’s not just seniors who benefit from this equipment. Younger individuals sometimes develop conditions that cause leg weakness, and they also may develop rheumatoid arthritis that causes severe knee pain and joint damage.

Additional Points

Lift chairs can be kept at rest at the bottom or top stair, or alongside the staircase. Having the chair sit next to the top or bottom stair tends to be most convenient. The chairs can even be installed to make a turn at a staircase landing. Routine maintenance must be scheduled as advised to make sure the equipment continues to run smoothly. You can also connect them on Facebook.

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