Various Kinds of Mobility Aids in Pittsburgh, PA

by | Mar 3, 2017 | Health

As people get older, they realize they may have to depend upon some assisting device to help them get around. These devices are also needed for those who have been injured and have become disabled enough to require some assistance. For people on the outside looking in at a disabled person, they may feel that mobility aids are cumbersome. However, for the disabled or elderly person, it is a means of asserting their independence. Without some of these devices, they would be at the mercy of others. A company that offers Mobility Aids in Pittsburgh PA wants customers to know what kinds of mobility aids they have access to.

Most people who will need some type of mobility aid will obviously need something that will enable them to get around. The aids are needed either for rehabilitation purposes or for getting around in general. One of the most used mobility tool is the walking stick or cane. As soon as people get to the point where they can’t bear to walk normally, they begin to grab for a cane or a walking stick. It is a simple tool that can facilitate the otherwise complicated life of being somewhat disabled.

The next class of mobility devices often used is the wheelchair. They come in so many forms now to accommodate the personality of the user, as well as being an ambulatory tool. The electronic wheelchair allows the user to get about without the aid of other people. Some users have even traveled to the store on some wheelchairs, being careful to cross streets, as a pedestrian would normally do. There are also rollators which are devices with two or four wheels.

McArdle Surgical is a medical supply company that has been providing mobility aid solutions for customers from their Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania base for many years. In addition to mobility aids, the company supplies other aids such as stair lifts, lift chairs, compression wear, bathing aids, and other medical supplies. Some of these supplies are for urinary incontinence, for checking and monitoring blood pressure and other similar products. If any customers are interested in Mobility Aids in Pittsburgh PA, the company is available. Visit the website.

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