How To Care For Hair Extensions In Arizona

by | Mar 6, 2017 | Health

Hair extensions are a great way for a woman with short hair to have the long hair that she has always dreamed of. It is also a great way to add volume to a woman’s otherwise thin hair. If a woman decides to get Hair Extensions Arizona, she should know how to care for them. The better they are cared for, the longer they will last.

Don’t Let Them Tangle

When a woman has hair extensions, she should pay special attention to keep them from becoming tangled. To do this, she would need to brush her hair often. It is best to use a brush with soft bristles. This kind of brush will be gentle on the extensions and will still get the tangles out. To brush, the woman should start at the bottom of her hair and then work her way up. If there are tangles in her hair, she should not rip through them with the brush. They should be removed gently.

Washing the Extensions

Hair extensions don’t get as dirty as a woman’s natural hair, therefore, they don’t need to be washed as often. If her natural hair needs to be washed, she doesn’t always need to shampoo the extensions. When the extensions need to be washed, a gentle shampoo should be used. Their hair and the extensions should also always be conditioned. When the extensions are still wet, the tangles should be removed with a wide tooth comb.

Hair Styling

If a woman wants her hair extensions to last, she should use as little heat as possible. If possible, the extensions the hair should be air dried. If the woman must blow dry her hair the blow dryer should be set on the lowest heat setting possible. If she is going to curl it, she should first spray her natural hair and the extensions with a heat protective spray. The same is true with blow drying.

Swimming With Extensions

Salt water and chlorine can be very damaging to hair extensions. If possible, the woman should protect her hair with a swim cap. If the extensions do get wet in a pool or in the ocean, the woman should wash her hair as soon as possible to prevent further damage.

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