What are the Advantages of a Medical Answering Service?

by | Apr 6, 2016 | Healthcare

Doctors have a very busy schedule, so it can be possible that they might miss an important phone call from a client, the hospital, etc. That’s why there are several advantages to a doctor using a medical answering service.

No matter if a doctor has his or her own practice or is part of a busy physician’s group or he or she works at a hospital, all of their calls are important to the caller and the doctor. However, it’s impossible to be around for every call that needs to be directed to the doctor, so having an answering service can mean the difference in getting the call and not getting it.

A Medical Answering Service Saves Time, Frees up Staff
Being able to manage calls in a busy doctor’s office requires having enough staff to answer them, but while they are doing so, they also can’t manage patients who are there in person. So, if you have a medical answering service, your staff is free to handle every day office activities, while the service people can dedicate their time to your calls specifically. An answering service can easily make appointments, offer directions and provide office hours. If the caller has a medical question, the call can always be forwarded to office staff.

A skilled, experienced medical answering service thereby saves both time and money, as well as being strictly dedicated to answering your calls. This way a caller gets their undivided attention, so it also means better customer service satisfaction from your patients. Additionally, it prevents mismanaged calls, misrouted calls, etc., and your calls can be handled 24-hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year!

Answering Services Provide Help Promptly, Mean Better Customer Satisfaction
When you have a good medical answering service handling your office calls, they work seamlessly and out of sight, diligently answering your calls and determining how to route them. They can help patients after hours, as well as be there at the right time if a medical emergency comes over the line and you need to be contacted immediately.

People prefer to talk to a real person, so these services can give your patients peace of mind that they will always be able to get the help they need. Just hearing a soothing voice on the line can calm down an excited patient and help direct them to the help they need or even connect them to emergency services if needed.

Busy doctors vitally need the services of a medical answering service in order to handle calls that come when they are not in the office or are otherwise busy. These services can help to save lives and provide better patient satisfaction.

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