Spinal Cord Stimulation and Rf Ablasion in OKC to Relieve and Even Cure Chronic Back Pain

by | Apr 7, 2016 | Healthcare

Some people with chronic pain live under the assumption it’s something that has to be dealt with. Temporary relief with pain medication is not where it ends for treatment when therapy from Longevity Joint Spine Pain is put into the equation. Rf Ablasion OKC can be described as the next best thing to a cure. It’s a therapeutic procedure that provides long-term pain relief without major surgery or adverse side effects. This procedure uses electrical heat waves to numb pain receptors that communicate with the brain. When the brain doesn’t get the message, the sensations that enable the body to feel pain don’t come. Rf Ablasion OKC is done for types of pain that don’t respond well to painkillers or physical therapy.

Radiofrequency therapy can be used to treat pain for different parts of the back anatomy. Facet joints in the spine enable flexibility in the vertebrae alignment. Nerves travel through facet joints as part of a passageway to other areas of the body. Compression on the facet joints can cause nerve sensitivity. The back is in pain when the nerves are aggravated. For the procedure, a cannula guides an electrode into the back and the nerve that causes pain. Heat is applied to the nerve and blocks the pain signals. A fluoroscope guides a camera to the targeted area so the needle can be directed to the nerve with precision. There are no side effects other than tenderness at the injection site. A single treatment for radiofrequency ablasion can significantly reduce pain for a year or more.

Spinal cord stimulation is another effective way to relieve back pain. With this one, electrical impulses have the same effect as electrodes do with radiofrequency ablasion. People with pain from injury to tissue also called neuropathic pain, are good candidates for spinal cord stimulation. The outermost part of the spinal canal called the epidural space, receives treatment in this procedure. Wire encased in plastic is sent through an incision or epidural needle. Electrical signals stimulate the nerves to block pain. A trial stimulator is used for the first week to see if the body responds well to treatment. If the device reduces pain to minimal levels or eliminates it completely, a permanent electrical stimulating device can be implanted. Click here to learn more.

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