What Can Be Done to Treat Low Back Pain in Florissant MO?

by | Mar 26, 2019 | Health

In most cases, there is no primary cause for the pain, leaving patients and their medical care providers to guess at the cause and attempt to find a treatment that will be beneficial in reducing the pain and improving mobility. Up to 10% of people with episodes of lower back pain end up developing chronic pain that can become difficult to deal with. Thankfully, there are effective treatments available for Low Back Pain in Florissant MO.

There are two main approaches when it comes to treating Low Back Pain in Florissant MO with physical therapy. The first is the passive treatment which is named because it is done to the patient and not by the patient. Passive treatments may include:

• Massage

• Ice

• Heat

• Ultrasound therapy

• Iontophoresis

Active physical therapy is also a crucial part of therapy to improve lower back pain and mobility. The type used will depend on the patient’s pain level, its cause, and their range of motion. It will also depend on their ability to move and perform exercises. Active physical therapy treatments may include:

• Stretching exercises

• Strengthening exercises

• Low-impact conditioning exercises

One of the biggest mistakes individuals make when they have lower back pain is stopping all forms of physical activity. In most cases, this can end up causing the pain and stiffness to become much worse, which further complicates the problem. This is why a physical therapist will almost always prescribe physical therapy exercises for patients with low back pain.

When a person sees the physical therapist for low back pain, the therapist will examine them, review their medical history and symptoms, and devise a plan of care to work towards improving the patient’s pain and range of motion. Physical therapy is most beneficial when passive, and active treatment is given.

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