3 Ways to Keep Your Feet Healthy

by | Mar 20, 2019 | Podiatrist

When your feet are healthy, you can walk, run and jog with ease. If your feet are experiencing issues, though, it is important to find out what is happening. It could be something simple like you are wearing the wrong shoes. It could also be something more serious like diabetes. For a checkup, visit a foot doctor near Chatham.

Here are three ways you can keep your feet healthy.

Good Hygiene

Your feet must be cleaned on a daily basis. When you walk, your feet sweat, especially if you are wearing heavy boots and socks. If you walk in flip flops, your feet are exposed to all of the dirt and debris found on the floor. Your toenails cannot be ignored, either. The fibers from your socks can accumulate along the edges between the toe and the toenails. Every day, therefore, you should focus on washing off all the sweat and dirt. When you dry your feet, ensure that you have dried extra well in between your toes to prevent fungus and bacteria.

Mind Your Weight

The heavier you are, the more pressure you are placing on your feet. It is easy not to realize that your feet are keeping you balanced and absorbing all of your weight when you stand, walk and run. When you are overweight, you increase your risk for arthritis. You are also putting more than necessary weight on your joints and knees, which can also lead to future foot problems.


If you exercise, you probably already stretch out your feet, unknowingly. If you do not exercise consistently, it is time to start, or at the very least, start stretching out your feet. Stretching helps keep the Achilles’ tendon free from pain.

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