What Is Cataract Surgery?

by | Jun 20, 2018 | Health

Getting older changes the makeup of your eyes and sometimes cataracts form. A cataract is a clouding of the natural lens of the eye. This is a very common condition and, over time, it will worsen. This can limit your vision and make it harder for you to see well. The lens, which works just like a camera lens, is vital to vision. When cataracts develop, they can limit just how clear your vision is. One of the most advanced treatment options available is cataract surgery. It helps many men and women to improve their vision.

Is It Right for You?

Those who have cataracts are not treated at first with surgery unless the condition has advanced significantly. You may have symptoms such as blurring of your vision or sensitivity to light or glares. Many people see a fading or a yellowing of colors. Some also experience double vision and poor night vision. When you have these types of symptoms, it is time to consider treatment options.

Cataract surgery is very safe and can be effective for those with a more advanced condition. Your doctors will safely remove the clouding film over your eyes. This is done with precision detail and can help to remove much of the material causing them. In many ways, this condition will offer immediate improvement, but you may develop cataracts again.

Choosing a specialist for cataract surgery is important. These professionals will work closely with you to offer the most advanced level of care, greatly improving your vision and protecting it for the future. Even if you are unsure if you have this condition, it is often wise to turn to a specialist to learn more about it, what you can do to overcome it, and all of your treatment options.

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