What Patients and Loved Ones Need to Know About Transgender Breast Augmentation

by | Oct 10, 2018 | Health

Transgender breast augmentation is different than the similar cisgender procedure. Not only is the operation performed somewhat differently, the psychological impact and outcomes are in a category of their own. Understanding what to expect from a breast augmentation surgery and life afterward will help you or the trans woman in your life prepare for what may be a major step toward gender confirmation.

Realistic Expectations

It’s easy to see photos of women with “perfect” bodies and dream of having the same curves, the same smoothness, and the same flawless proportions. However, it’s important to remember that the results you get with breast augmentation will be unique to your body – especially if you are a trans woman.

The expectations for transgender breast augmentation should be somewhat different than those for a cisgender patient. Smaller implants are typically chosen to allow the body to adjust, since little or no breast tissue typically exists before the surgery. Likewise, trans women may require multiple surgeries to achieve the “natural” look they desire, as tissues may need training or help in adapting to the augmentation. Remember, what your body needs may be different than what another woman’s needs – and that’s okay.

Hand in Hand with Hormone Therapy

Many trans women choose to undergo hormone therapy before choosing to have breast augmentation. This can help the body shift more gradually into the transition process and allow adaptation to breast implants to happen more organically. Whether hormones are right for you or your loved one will be a conversation to have with your doctor or healthcare team.

Experience Matters

When choosing a surgeon or practice to help you with your physical transition, it is important to look for experience with transgender patients. Many trans health care providers offer both mental and physical care, which can give you and your loved ones the support you need during the process. Look for one of these providers and prioritize experience when searching for a surgeon. The decision to have any kind of gender confirmation surgery is not to be taken lightly – so choose your provider with just as much care.

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