What Services Does A Vet Hospital in Johns Creek Provide?

by | Apr 7, 2016 | Veterinarians

People who love their pets try to do all the right things to keep them safe and healthy. They give their pets exercise, keep them safe from traffic, and feed them a high quality diet. But despite an owner’s best efforts, sometimes animals get hurt or sick. When that happens, it is important to know where to take them. A Vet Hospital in Johns Creek offers a variety of services to help you care for your pets and keep them in the best possible health.

Regular check ups or well visits are an important part of an animal’s health care. At a check up, the vet will talk with you about any new symptoms or behaviors you have noticed in your pet, and then he or she will perform a thorough physical examination. This will include a manual check of all the parts of your pet’s body, including teeth and ears. In addition, the vet will check your pet’s weight to see if your pet is at a healthy weight or has had a significant weight change since the previous visit. Regular check ups are also an important way to keep up with your pet’s immunization schedule. Vaccines are important to the health of your pet and other animals he or she may come in contact with.

A veterinary hospital is also a place where vets perform surgery. Many pets visit the surgeon early in life to get spayed or neutered. If you are not planning to breed your animal, spaying or neutering is a good way to keep down the population of unwanted pets. Your pet might also need surgery to set a broken bone, to remove a dangerous growth, to repair any internal damage sustained in an accident or any number of other reasons.

Also, many animal hospitals provide boarding services. Taking a pet on a vacation or a family visit is not always the best option, and pet sitters who stay at your house can be very expensive. But boarding your pet with your trusted veterinarian and his or her staff can give you a great deal of security when you leave town because you know your pet will be well cared for.
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