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What Should You Know About Colonoscopy Treatment in Nassau County NY

A colonoscopy is one of the leading methods of colon cancer prevention. When a person has regular colonoscopies carried out, they can rest assured their colon is free of growths that can lead to cancer formation. When polyps are found, they can be removed in their early stages of growth, so they do not have time to become cancerous and place a person’s health in danger. With this information, people can be fully prepared to go through their Colonoscopy Treatment in Nassau County NY.

The preparation for a Colonoscopy Treatment in Nassau County NY is typically the most dreaded for patients. The colon must be free of any debris so a person will need to go through a laxative protocol to remove any material from their bowel. A person will be required to stop eating at a certain time before their procedure to ensure no food is found in the colon area. Most gastroenterologists require patients to drink a laxative mixture that helps to clear their colon before the procedure. They may also be given enemas to ensure the colon is properly cleaned.

A patient will be fully sedated as they go through their colonoscopy, so they do not feel any pain or discomfort. This will make them drowsy for a few hours after the procedure, so it is important a person has someone to drive them home. They will need to avoid operating any heavy machinery or driving for at least twenty-four hours. The procedure will last between thirty and sixty minutes.

This test allows the doctor to see the entire inside of the large intestine ensure there are no growths. The doctor can also take tissue samples if cancer is suspected so it can be sent to a pathologist.

It is important people have a colonoscopy to ensure their colon remains healthy. If you are in need of colonoscopy testing, Contact GastroCare LI. With a colonoscopy, you can keep your lower intestine healthy and hopefully avoid cancer. Call the office now and schedule your consultation appointment so your procedure can be scheduled. They will work to protect your health through testing and prevention.