What to Expect When Visiting Medical Marijuana Doctors in Daly City

by | Jan 5, 2018 | Health

When visiting Medical Marijuana Doctors in Daly City, the experience will be no different than what happens when seeing any other physician. Anything discussed during the appointment will remain part of the confidential medical record of the patient, and nothing can be told to federal or state law enforcement. For those curious about the process and what will happen during a visit to a medical marijuana doctor, they can learn more here.

The Initial Paperwork

When arriving at the office, the staff will take the patient to a private exam room, or in some cases, a public waiting room, to fill out the required paperwork. It is important that patients arrive early enough so that they can fill out everything prior to the actual appointment.

It is also important to bring along any medical records and documentation of a diagnosis that has been given that is going to be treated with cannabis. These are crucial, as this is the legal reason to receive the cannabis.

The Exam

Once all the paperwork and forms are complete, the Medical Marijuana Doctors in Daly City will ask patients about any symptoms they have had and do a physical exam based on the materials given to determine if the patient qualifies for medical marijuana. If they recommend this as a treatment option, they will cover all the risks and the benefits of using the substance, as well as how to consume the treatment. At the end of the exam, the patient will likely be scheduled a follow-up appointment to see how the treatment is working.

Once the treatment of medical marijuana is recommended, then a certificate or photo ID card will be given to the patient, so they can go to a dispensary to receive the medicine. The recommendation is typically good for the period of a year.

If a person is considering getting medical marijuana for their illness or disease, the first step is to see a doctor to get the recommendation. The information here will let them know what to expect during the appointment. Additional information about the process is available by contacting the staff at Barbary Coast Collective.

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