Answers to Questions About Female to Male Reassignment in Plano, TX

by | Oct 14, 2020 | Pro Md Blog

At some point, you may consider going through gender reassignment surgery. Clearly, this is not an easy decision to make. Additionally, there are several considerations to take into account. Before delving deeper, take a look at these common concerns about female to male reassignment surgery.

Why You Might Opt for Surgery

There are many reasons why people might decide to undergo gender reassignment surgery. It is a very personal decision to each person. In general, they may feel that they are currently living in a manner that is inconsistent with their true selves. This is commonly referred to as gender dysphoria. As such, they may feel that a full physical transition is the best option. If this is the case, a gender reassignment may be a good fit.

Preparing For Surgery

Before you commit to female to male reassignment surgery, there are some things you want to prepare for. First, it may be necessary to undergo a mental health evaluation. This will help you determine if you really want to go through with the procedure. Next, you may have to complete documentation to clearly show your intent. Finally, you could be required to do a real-life test to help reaffirm your decision.

How Hormone Therapy Comes In

Sometimes hormone therapy is required to help a person transition. This therapy helps support the change in physical appearance. There can be different effects based on the type of hormones used. Make sure you understand the risks before you begin therapy.

Take Your Time

If you are seriously considering this procedure, take time to fully understand it. Be sure to look at the risks and expectations that apply. Speak to a medical professional for additional assistance.

If you have more questions about gender reassignment, contact the International Center for Transgender Care by visiting

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