Benefits Of Visiting Urgent Care Clinics Close To Cincinnati OH

by | Nov 29, 2017 | Health

When a person becomes ill or if they are injured, they have a few options when it comes to getting the necessary medical treatment. Some people choose to make an appointment with their primary care physician and there are some people who will visit the emergency room. Today, more and more people are visiting Urgent Care Clinics Close To Cincinnati OH. There are a few reasons that urgent care is becoming the most popular facility for immediate medical care.

Short Wait Times

When a person is sick or in pain, the last thing that they want to do is spend hours sitting in a waiting room waiting to see a doctor. According to recent studies, the average wait time at the emergency room is two hours. The average wait time at an urgent care facility is 15 minutes, therefore, urgent care is the quickest option.

Longer Hours

Most primary care physicians are open during certain hours of the day. Many are open from 9 am to 5 pm or hours close to these. If a person is sick or injured and they have to go to work or school, it can be difficult to make it to their primary care physician’s office when they are open. Urgent care clinics are usually open later. Many urgent care clinics are open until 7 pm or 8 pm and most are open on the weekends. This will give the individual a chance to fit a visit to urgent care into their busy schedule.

Walk-In Service

If a person is sick and they want to see their primary care physician, they would need to make an appointment. If the doctor doesn’t have any available appointments that day, the individual would need to wait to get the care that they need. Emergency rooms provide walk-in services, however, patients being transported by ambulance would be taken in first. Emergency rooms also take the patients based on the severity of their condition. This can result in a long wait. Urgent care facilities offer walk-in services and they don’t take critical patients or patients being transported via ambulance, therefore, it is the fastest walk-in service available.

If a person is sick or injured and they are not critical, being treated at Urgent Care Clinics Close To Cincinnati OH is the best choice. For more information, contact Eastside Urgent Care. You can also visit them on Google My Business.

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