Three Vision Issues That Can Be Treated at Animal Hospitals in Richmond

by | Nov 28, 2017 | Pro Md Blog

Eye problems can be a chronic condition for some pets, especially dogs as they suffer more from eye diseases than cats do. Most eye diseases will last throughout their lives but with treatment, your dog can see and live a better life. Here are three common eye diseases in dogs.

Dry Eye Disease

Dogs can suffer from a disease called keratoconjunctivitis sicca or dry eye. This condition occurs when a dog’s eyes produce fewer tears than normal. Tears are important because they can help wash away debris that may be in the dog’s eyes and they protect eye tissues. Vets at animal hospitals in Richmond can treat this disease with artificial tears, medications that stimulate tear production, or, in severe cases, surgery.


Some dogs are born with eyelids that roll inwards, a condition called entropion, which can cause the eyelashes and hair to rub against their eyeballs. This condition can cause excessive tear production, produce painful irritation, and damage their corneas. You can take your dog to one of the animal hospitals to have the eyelid tacked in place so it no longer damages the eye or surgery can be done to permanently correct the eyelid.


Just the same as their human companions, dogs can develop cataracts as they get older. This condition can severely compromise eyesight or cause them to go blind. If you notice a white, gray, or milky appearance in the middle of his or her eyes, take him or her into the vet for an eye exam and treatment. If you have more questions about treating eye diseases in dogs, go to Website for their contact information.

Although most eye conditions are noticeable, some are not. If your dog seems to be having trouble seeing in the dark or you notice other vision issues, take him or her to one of the animal hospitals right away.

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