Helpful Things to Know About Cataract Treatment in Nocatee, FL

by | Jan 18, 2022 | Optometrists

If you are dealing with a cataract, your doctor may have recommended that you use surgery to treat it. This is a safe procedure that will help you see better. Here are a few things you should know about cataract treatment in Nocatee before scheduling surgery.

Not everyone who has a cataract needs surgery. If your doctor has recommended surgery, it is likely that your cataracts have advanced to the point where they are causing serious problems with your vision and the less invasive cataract treatments in Nocatee are not working for you. For example, it is common for doctors to recommend prescription glasses, brighter lighting, or magnifying glasses if the cataracts of their patients are not having a serious impact on their vision.

However, cataracts can reach a point where your vision may be blurred or dim. You may have double vision. This can make driving, working on a computer, or reading difficult or impossible.

If your doctor schedules cataract surgery for you, they will have you visit their office a week or two before the procedure. During this visit, they will measure the shape and size of your eye. This will allow them to choose an appropriate artificial lens. They will encourage you to avoid eating and drinking 12 hours before your scheduled surgery.

During the surgery, you will be awake. However, your eyes will be numb. Don’t have to worry about feeling pain.

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