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Should You Choose an Inpatient Drug Rehabilitation Program?

Recovery from drug addiction is possible. Patients who suffer from long-standing drug abuse are often a better fit for long-term inpatient drug rehab programs, says Self-Growth.

Inpatient program: what it is

An inpatient program requires patients to stay in the facility throughout the duration of the treatment. These programs can run anywhere from 28 days to 6 months or more. The length of time depends on the extent of the drug abuse. If the patient is already dependent on the drug, then an outpatient program might not provide the best option for treatment and recovery.


Inpatient programs are often intensive and thus, offer people the best chance at combating the deadly habit. For instance, for those who suffer from years of drug use, their body would’ve already adjusted to the drug. Withdrawal symptoms during the detoxification process can lead to serious health complications. Without the help of a trained and experienced medical staff, patients might not be able to successfully handle the experience on their own.


After the withdrawal and the worst of the withdrawal symptoms are treated, patients undergo rehabilitation, wherein they do their best to stay off the drugs for good. Since the idea of never taking the drug again often lead many recovering addicts astray, most clients take the process one day at a time. For long-term abusers, giving the drug up is emotionally, mentally and physically difficult. Rehabilitation could take months in this case.

Finding one

There are reliable networks and sources online to help you find the best inpatient drug rehab programs in your area. Save yourself time and effort when you look around for the right program or facility by putting those online resources to good use. With credible online resource, finding the program that’s well suited to your needs is a whole lot easier.