Orthopedic Rehabilitation in Bay Shore NY for Post-Polio Syndrome

by | Jan 29, 2020 | Health

People who have had poliomyelitis in the past are at risk of developing a condition known as post-polio syndrome. The disorder manifests with some of the symptoms common to poliomyelitis, commonly called polio. Orthopedic rehabilitation in Bay Shore, NY, is strongly recommended for patients with post-polio syndrome to keep their muscles strong.

Progressive Resistance Training

Progressive resistance training is advisable for patients with post-polio syndrome because it strengthens weakened muscles. Men and women with more severe cases may experience weakness so extreme that those muscles essentially need to be educated again, which occurs with polio as well. Physical therapy through orthopedic rehabilitation in Bay Shore, NY, also reduces the pain that can occur with the disorder.

Gradual Therapy Progression

The therapist typically starts with a very gentle program that includes passively moving the affected limbs for the patient. The therapist wants to avoid additional muscle fatigue that can develop and lead the patient to be even less active than before. The exercise program slowly builds in vigor as the patient progresses.

Aerobic Exercise

Aerobic exercise also is encouraged for these patients. Therapists create customized regimens that are suitable for each particular individual and modify it when advisable.

Positive Results to Expect

The programs have been shown to have positive effects on muscle strength and endurance, and in general stamina. Patients commonly report feeling more positive emotionally as well. Anyone who wants to begin this kind of therapy may contact Rehabilitation Medicine of the South Shore after viewing information about the organization at https://www.rehabmedss.com/.

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