Stay in Your Own Home

by | Jul 26, 2016 | Health

An AARP survey says that 85% of seniors want to “age in place” meaning that they want to stay in their own home as they grow older and why shouldn’t you? You have probably spent years getting your home exactly the way you like it and not only that, it is filled with memories and treasures from years past. In this day and age, with baby boomers heading into the later stages of their lives, the cost of medical alarm systems, stair lifts, adjustable beds and lift chairs have gone down, making it easier and more comfortable for you to stay in your home and with senior home care services in King City CA and surrounding areas you can feel safer and more secure about it and so will your family.

Staying at Home can keep You Young

If you are at home, managing your finances, keeping up with your household chores, it is a proven fact that your mind and body will stay more active and fit. Home care services can certainly help with that. You will have someone to talk to and there will be someone to assist you when you are keeping up with your daily activities. It might be that you are starting to need a little help cooking or remembering to take your meds, an aide is a great help there as well.

You Remain Independent

By staying in your own home, it is your time and money and you are king or queen of the castle. Moving into a facility would mean that your meals and activities are planned for you and you have no control over them. You would also be in competition with all the other residents for the staffs’ attention. With home care services, you are receiving individualized attention tailored to your needs and schedule. VNA’s home care services let you stay in your home while keeping you safe and easing stress from your family members. Stop by their website. They would love to see you!

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