Talking About the Foot: What May Cause Heel Pain in a Person?

by | May 25, 2021 | Health

Heel pain can happen to anyone, but most people don’t know how to explain it. Most of the time, they blame their shoes or something like that and don’t pay much attention to it when they should. The following are some reasons why you’re feeling this pain.

Flat Feet

One of the most common reasons people are feeling heel pain is that they have flat feet. Yes, your feet aren’t supposed to be flat.

You’ll be surprised how many folks deal with heel pain in Joliet and find out it is happening because their foot isn’t properly formed. This shows that this is not a problem you can simply ignore. You need a foot expert to rectify this issue if you ever want to be free of this pain.

High Arch

Yes, the other reason people feel heel pain in Joliet involves high arches. The arches on your feet should be balanced. The arch can’t be nonexistent, nor should it be too high.

A person with this problem is putting too much pressure on their heels, and this could lead to pain at some point in life. Things only get worse if you happen to walk a lot or wear shoes that aren’t supporting your problem. On top of that, obesity could also contribute to the pain in both cases.

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