VNG Testing: What It Is and Why You Might Need One in Orlando

by | Jul 13, 2020 | Neurology

If you have been suffering from dizziness, vertigo, or general balance problems, then you understand how crippling these conditions can be and how much they affect quality of life. But there are ways that you can get to the bottom of these health issues, including videonystagmography (VNG) balance evaluations and testing. To help you understand what the VNG in Orlando testing process involves, we’ve put together the below guide.

What Is VNG Testing?

VNG is actually a series of tests that you undergo, which all help you doctor come up with the right diagnosis. These tests are all designed to test the workings of your inner ear or vestibular area as well as your central motor function.

VNG Testing Process

VNG in Orlando testing entails several parts. First, your health care provider will evaluate the movement of your eyes when you are asked to track a target. Usually, you will be wearing special goggles for this part. They will then also position your body and head in different positions and directions to check for adverse reactions.

Last, warm and cold water will be put in your ears. This is meant to test the function of your inner ear, as it reacts differently to cold and warm temperatures. These tests all are painless but they may cause some discomfort or dizziness.


After your VNG test, your doctor or audiologist will better understand which condition, if any, you have, and can treat it appropriately. If you think you might need a VNG test, please visit MD Diagnostic Specialists at to learn more the procedure.

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